Center for Functional MRI In the Department of Radiology

Penetration Panel/Waveguides

The MRI scanner is enclosed in a RF shield to prevent interference from external RF signals.  Any cables going in and out of the MRI room must pass through a Penetration Panel.  The panel contains waveguides and filters required to provide communication between the inside and outside of the scanner room. 

  • Any cables carrying electrical current must pass the penetration panel via a filter. We currently have 9 pin and 15 pin connectors, and a USB connector. Users are responsible for providing the filters (usualy supplied by the equipment vendor) for your own equipment.
  • Fiber optic cables, hoses for pneumatic (air) or hydrolic (liquid) system can pass throught the penetration panel via the wave guides.
At CFMRI, a penetration panel is provided inside the projection cabinet for connections of peripheral devices and user equipment. Prior to each scanning session, a quick inspection of this panel is recommended. If any electrical cable is found passing through the panel without filtering (e.g. an electrical wire in the waveguide), it should be removed. Otherwise, RF interference may occur causing light to severe imaging artifacts.