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Data Transfer Notes

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Data Transfer Notes for GE 3T Revision Date: June 20, 2008.


Transferring Data to the Server if you are at the Scanner

IMPORTANT NOTE: Automatic data transfer to the AW workstation really slows things down. Always disable this feature.

In general you will want to grab all images in either an exam or a series. To copy images use the perl script gecopy from the scanner. To facilitate the transfer process and make the scanner available for the next study, it's a good idea to copy each series when it is done. You can do this while the next series is running.

  1. In the patient browser highlight the series that you need to transfer.
  2. Open a unix shell, by right clicking on the desktop background and choosing the command window option from the menu
  3. Type: gecopy -s server name> -r raid number> -d dir name> username>

An Example Session:

{sdc@fmri3tw}[3] gecopy -s fmriserver -r raid1 -d studies emang
You are about to copy the following Exam Directory=/export/home1/sdc_image_pool/images/p203414/e2112293
Type exam> to copy the whole exam to fmriserver
or Choose a number to copy the corresponding study
Choose 1> to copy s2112294
Choose 2> to copy s2112310
mycommand=scp -rp /export/home1/sdc_image_pool/images/p203414/e2112293's password:


Copying Images Remotely (Not the preferred method)

If the scanner is busy and you need to transfer data from a previous study, you can log on to fmriserver, then ssh to the scanner and use the secure copy command to copy your data.
cd /export/home1/sdc_image_pool/images
ls -ltr (to determine the patient directory name by the time the data was acquired)
the tree structure looks like this:
p127418 is the patient directory
e127419 is the exam directory
s127420 is the series directory
i127421.MRDC.1 is the first image in the study directory.

scp -r <dir path>
Enter your password

Example: copying an exam

cd export/home1/sdc_image_pool/images/p127418/
scp -r e127419
Password: dummypassword

Example: copying a series

cd /export/home1/sdc_image_pool/images/p127418/e127419
scp -r s127420
Password: dummypassword