Center for Functional MRI In the Department of Radiology

Reconstruction of Pfiles from SPEP Sequences

The CFMRI in-house SPEP sequence outputs only Pfiles (raw data file), instead of images. We used an inhouse program gr to convert the Pfiles to AFNI briks which then can be read and viewed in AFNI.  

 Note: for all ASL applications, gr is automatically done on the scanner right after the scan is done. If you use aslgecopy to transfer data, both the raw Pfile and the BRIK files will be transferred, and there is no need to run gr again.

         Usage: gr  Pfilename Outputname
         Output: Outputname+orig.Brik   

Both SPEP sequence and gr are being updated often. If you need gr for reconstructing Pfiles, please contact us ( so we can make sure that you have the correct version of gr.