Center for Functional MRI In the Department of Radiology

7T How To: Bruker data format and file structure

  • Data format is basically a 3D or 4D (for functional) binary file stored for each run, accompanied by several text files that describes the different imaging/acq parameters, URL below for a good reference.


  • script, is a perl script that will convert bruker format to analyze format, fsl viewer can be used to view the data, The script has been installed on all main servers.

Usage: -verbose 7Nov07.Kl1 -all 
where 7Nov07.k11 is the bruker study name, -all will recursively create an img and hdr file for each run.

  • This script generates two files a .hdr and .img
  • To read into Amira, load the .hdr file and select the Analyze 7.5 format.