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InfoSys How To: Report a Technical Problem

How do I report a problem on the Webschedule Problem log?

The Webschedule program can be accessed at

After logging into the Webschedule program, select:

  • System Status/Problem Report
  • Report a Problem -> fill out the form
  • Click Submit Problem Report

Alerting e-mails are sent immediately to CFMRI staff upon submission of the form.

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Why should I report problems on the Webschedule System Status (Problem Report) log?

The function of the Webschedule program is not only to schedule scanner time but also to reflect the current status of the GE scanners and all peripheral equipment and programs necessary for running MR imaging experiments. By reviewing the Webschedule problem log a researcher should be able to decide whether to go ahead with planned experiments or cancel them. Therefore, it is essential to report both malfunctioning and missing equipment as soon as the problem is identified.

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What problems should I report on the Webschedule?

List of reportable problems:

  • Scanner (including head-coils and patient table) malfunction and problems with the scanner control GUI
  • Image artifacts. In this case it is critical to report pulse sequence parameters.
  • Malfunction of peripheral devices, such as headphones, RT intercom, in-bore intercom, bite-bar holders, mirrors, screens, missing padding, response boxes and joysticks, physiological monitoring devices and associated PCs, projectors, adaptors (such as PS/2-USB converter etc.), eye tracking devices and associated PCs, TTL pulse triggering cabling and TTL pulse extension device.
  • Problems with the scanner and control rooms (such as pneumatic scanner room door lock; oxygen monitor; scanner room sink etc.).

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How are reported problems addressed?

CFMRI staff receive problem reports immediately upon completion of the problem report form and take the necessary steps to resolve the problems. The changing status of the problem (from open to in progress to completed) is reflected in the current problem log. Completed problems are automatically moved from current problems table to the master Status Log. In addition to checking problems reported, CFMRI staff also regularly check image quality on 3T scanners (using BIRN protocol) and the status of peripheral equipment.

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I can’t find the status report of the problem that I reported earlier.

If your earlier reported problem is not on the problem list table entitled "Following is a list of the current reported problems if any"  select:
System Status/Problem Report -> Check Status Log

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The CFMRI server is down. Can I still report a problem?

Yes you can! Instead of using to access the Webschedule program, use the mirror address:
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