Center for Functional MRI In the Department of Radiology

Funding for Pilot Projects

Academic Senate

Each year the Academic Senate solicits applications for research funding from Senate members and eligible non-Senate research faculty. Priority is given to junior faculty, and Academic Senate members are given priority over non-Senate members; however, all Academic Senate members are encouraged to apply for grants for innovative, unfunded projects. In particular, the Committee is looking for pilot studies that could lead to more substantive support from extramural agencies.

As part of its Research Grant funding mechanism for both General Campus and Health Sciences, the Academic Senate has developed a funding collaboration with the CFMRI. For Academic Senate research project proposals that include human or animal imaging, the CFMRI (as part of its training mission) will support one scan hour for every two scan hours supported by the Academic Senate grant. Other details regarding the assignment and usage of these hours will follow the policies of the CFMRI. This generous collaborative arrangement leverages additional research support for innovative multidisciplinary research pilot projects for Academic Senate investigators utilizing advanced imaging methodologies. 

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