Center for Functional MRI In the Department of Radiology

Research at the CFMRI

The CFMRI was founded on the principle that state-of-the-art imaging requires a solid foundation of MR Imaging Science. As a result of this, the CFMRI is a unique interdisciplinary mix of physicists, engineers, neuroscientists and physicians working on developing and applying novel fMRI methods. Dr. Thomas T. Liu, the Director, oversees a staff dedicated to making state of the art imaging capabilities available to the broader neuroscience community in San Diego. In addition, five faculty members have their offices and their research groups (graduate students and post-docs) within the CFMRI. MRI is a dynamic field, and the technology for fMRI is developing rapidly, including alternative approaches such as arterial spin labelling, improved gradient coil technology, and rapid advances in parallel imaging. The MR Physics group plays a central role in advancing the methodology of fMRI for maintaining the facility at the cutting edge of fMRI. The core research program is one of the best in the world in the development of novel methods for quantifying cerebral blood flow for neuroimaging. In addition to thier own research the CFMRI faculty is currently collaborating as co-investigators on a wide range of NIH supported research programs in Psychiatry, Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Neuroscience.

Imaging scientists at UC San Diego and at affialiated institutions are engaged in a wide range of both basic and clinical neuroscience studies and make use of the full range of magnetic resonance imaging systems at the Center to study the metabolic, neural, vascular, and anatomical substrate of normal and disordered brain function.