Center for Functional MRI In the Department of Radiology

7T How To: Data Transfer

Where is my data stored?

Data is stored under the following dir /opt/PV5.0/data/<username>/nmr/<>

  • <username> If you logged in as fmriuser the <username>=fmriuser
  • <> This will be the study name you chose with a three character extension. The first two characters are related to the date of the study.

Example: You choose a study name, hwongstroke after logging in to the console as fmriuser. Your data will be found in /opt/PV5.0/data/fmriuser/nmr/hwongstroke

Is there another way to find my data path?

  1. Go to the scan control window (the one with the traffic light).
  2. Click the scan button. A new window will open that shows a list of the studies for the current patient.
  3. Right click any where within the window and choose view by path.

How do I save my data?

  • Open a command window, right click and run command xterm
  • To copy the study to of the servers use the following command: bstudyname servername username

How do I delete data?

  1. Select the study in a Paravision window
  2. Right click on the study and click on delete

How do I check if there is enough space on the disk for my data?

  • click on the Disk Management (first icon on the top menu on the System Control Window)