Center for Functional MRI In the Department of Radiology

Getting Started

Doing Research at the CFMRI – 7T Scanner

1. Contact David Berry
Please contact David Berry ( if you have questions about getting started or to discuss the feasibility of your proposed study.

2. Submit a Proposal - (link)
Investigators with a CFMRI CALPENDO account can login to create and submit a new project.

If you do not have accesss to the CFMRI CALPENDO system, please refer to the online User Guide and request an ID.

Note: the scanner operators need to be identified for each project (see Step 4 below for procedures to become a certified operator).

3. Safety Training

Everyone is encouraged to attend the safety lecture even if official training is not required.

4. Operator Training

5. CFMRI Building Access and Scanner Access

The CFMRI Building main entrance is normally open 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Mon-Fri).

  • Complete this form to request access to the
    • CFMRI Building After hours
    • 7T Scanner
  • Only CFMRI Safety Trained personnel are eligible to request access. Level of access granted is based on current training status.
  • Request must be approved by both the PI and CFMRI before access is granted. When access is approved, the researcher will receive email instructions on how to apply for and activate a proximity card for accessing the CFMRI building and Scanners. For non-UCSD researchers a $35 refundable deposit is required for the card.
    Only those who have been officially safety-trained may enter the magnet rooms.

6. Join our User Group
Sign up at

7. Scan Session Schedule. Schedule scan session

8. Read the How To page for more information. How to Page