Center for Functional MRI In the Department of Radiology

7T How To: Emergency Power Shutoff

When should I use the electrical power emergency shutdown button? 
Use the emergency power shutdown button if there is danger of injury to a person or damage to the scanner that can be prevented by shutting down the electrical system.

How do I shut off the electrical power to the scanner in case of an emergency? 
You can shut down the power by pushing the red button on the emergency electrical shutdown button box mounted on the wall behind the console computer in the control room.

How do I shut off the electrical power from inside the equipment room in case of an emergency? 
There is a red button mounted on the wall to your left as you enter the equipment room. Please note that when you push this button you will turn off the cryogen cooling system which will leave the magnet is an unsafe state. Please notify center staff even if you turn the power back on afterwards. NOTE: Most users will not have access to this room.

What do I do after I used the emergency power shutoff? 
Please do not attempt to turn the power back on by yourself. Instead, report your use of the emergency power system to center technical staff.