Center for Functional MRI In the Department of Radiology

Safety/Operator Training

How do I become a certified scanner operator at the Center for Functional MRI?

  1. Attend the Safety Training lecture. (Dates for Safety Lectures). Note: You must bring a printed copy of the safety manual (PDF) and supplementary guidelines to the lecture (PDF).
  2. Pass the on-line safety test.
  3. Complete the two 2-hour hands-on training sessions with Aaron Jacobson.

  How do I sign up for Safety Training?

  1. Fill out the online registration form before the safety lecture. This information is needed to process your safety training. (link). NOTE: If you do not attend the next safety lecture you will have to register again.
  2. The Center schedules the Safety Training Lecture when 12 or more requests are received.  The scheduled session will then be posted on the CFMRI website and notification will be distributed via CFMRI E-Updates. Please note that no individual notification will be issued.. 
  3. If you attend the safety lecture without registering, you will only be admitted if there is space. You will still need to complete the online registration forms before your training can be processed.
  4. After each Safety Lecture, the Webmaster will take the attendance record with the information submitted during registration and send out passwords to take the online test.
  5. Using the assigned password, take the online safety test.  (Link: 
  6. We encourage everyone to attend the safety lecture even if they do not need the official training.
  7. You can verify your status at ( the following day after you have completed the online safety test.

 How do I sign up for Hands-on Operator training?

  1. You must have attended safety training and have passed the online safety test.
  2. Have your Project PI submit an on-line request (link: CFMRI Staff will schedule the training and contact you with dates and times.
  3. Complete the two 2-hours sessions. (Certificate will be awarded.)
  4. PI must email CFMRI ( requesting that the operator be added to their approved research project(s). 
  5. Operators should submit the CFMRI Access Request Form (Online application) once they have been signed off by CFMRI Staff.